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Affiliate Program

Earn Money by Joining Our Affiliate Program

Invite your contacts to join Abundance Boutique and we will pay you a commission on sales made through your link.

Just follow the link to join us.


You’ve got questions?
We’ve got answers


- How do I get my affiliate link?

- To get your affiliate link, it's easy, just apply to our program. Within a few days, we will verify your application and you will be able to use your partner link.

- How do I share my affiliate link?

- To install your link, simply copy and paste it from your affiliate interface. You can simply add it to a blog post, a clickable image or by sharing it on your social networks.

- How do I get my commissions?

- This payment system works on a performance basis. The more you work on your content (articles, videos, forums, etc.), the more likely it will generate visits, clicks and sales. You will be able to make a withdrawal as soon as you reach a minimum of 5 sales from your affiliate space.

- Why does Abundance Boutique offer this program?

- For us, this is a win-win program. It allows you to earn commissions and it allows us to introduce our products to people who may not know us yet.

- What are the terms and conditions associated with the affiliate link?

- Authorized: article on your blog, press article, link from a forum, e-mailing, sharing on social media, etc.

On request: Creation of a video on Youtube, implementation of a display campaign or paid optimization of your publications on social media.

Prohibited: ads on Adwords, cash back platforms, promotion of our solution on a racist, defamatory or pornographic site.

Abundance Boutique also reserves the right to ask you to remove any content that is contrary to the values of the company, its image or the applicable legislation.

- How much is the commission?

- For each affiliate brought in, you earn 10% commission on each payment made by your affiliate.